Have you ever pictured yourself in the city of love, Paris, sitting at a dainty cafe? Sipping on your tea, and eating delicate, mouth-melting macarons? Or perhaps you’ve thought about Europe, and how you’re going to sit in the greenest of fields, read a book, and bite into delectable macarons while sipping on wine.

These dream worthy moments with hints of delight and flavours of happiness is what we are. We are delectable. We are breathtaking. We are True Macarons.

True Macarons came into being when we identified a huge gap in the Indian market. While many sell macarons, we realised there’s no dedicated space truly to them. This is where we came in.
TRUE MACARON is where you get to indulge in macarons, without compromises.



To create something that you haven’t had before, and to make it accessible. We believe no one should miss out on these beautiful, bite-sized confectionaries.
This is why we created TRUE MACARON.



We carefully curated over 20 flavours of macarons. And we didn’t stop. Along with macarons, we created macaron cakes, macaron cupcakes, and macaron chocolates.

Worry not! We have something in store for vegetarians as well. Eggless macarons!

Eggless Macarons are a blessing for those who have been missing out all this while. The same taste, the same flavours, made to fit your needs..

History of



The macaron actually originated in Venice around the 8th century A.D but it picked up fame when it was brought to France during the Renaissance era when Catherine de Medici, a French Queen, had them made by her Italian pastry chefs in 1533.

The Macaron Sisters

The French macaron was actually popularised by two nuns, who are now known as the Macaron Sisters. They apparently baked and sold macarons to provide for their stay. Back then, it had no added flavouring or filling – it was just the original sugary delight!

Paris Macarons

It wasn’t until the 20th century that creamy filling was added to the macaron, giving it that sandwiched feel. These were soon to be known as “Paris macarons”. They were later picked up in the U.S.A and marketed as authentic Parisian confectionary or French desserts.

No doorstep left behind. We’ve got you!

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